vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Kitchen....... progress

Some pictures of the kitchen in my Danish cottage:

It's not going very fast, so many real life persons/things that need attention too....


zaterdag 8 november 2014

Update on the holiday home

Time to show some pictures of my progress (very slow)....
The exterior is black now and the entrance hall is more or less finished.

A lot of pictures :-)

Welcome to all my new followers. I hope you enjoy these pictures.


dinsdag 22 april 2014

Giveaway winner...

The winner is Karine. Congratulations! Would you please contact me for your mailing address?

Thank you all for your kind words and for entering this giveaway. 
And a warm welcome to all new followers. Thank you so much for your interest!


maandag 24 maart 2014

New project

Above is a picture of my new project. After spending a lot of holidays in Denmark my wish of being the owner of a Danish holiday home becomes stronger :-). But for foreign people it is not possible to have one :-(. So I decided to build my own (in 1:12th scale of course).
It is the Westville kit by Greenleaf with a lot of changes. It will be black with white windows.

Inspirational picture :-).

I would like to welcome all my new followers. Unfortunately not a lot to follow now, but it might be better in the future.

I had plans for a giveaway for a very long time. So here it is:

Just a comment (followers only) to tell me you would like to be entered in this giveaway is enough. 
The winner will be announced on april the 22nd.

Wishing you all a very nice day and good luck!


dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Mini making in Ireland

During my holiday in beautiful Ireland I managed to get more minis done than I usually do when I am at home.
I should go on holiday all the time. 

Greetings from Ireland!

donderdag 27 juni 2013

Thank you and welcome.

I would like to thank all my followers for being so faithful to my blog. It is very silent over here...
It has been so busy in real life. My son has passed his exams and is going to study psychology next year. We were very relieved that he passed his exams!!!! We have to find him a home for next year. So I will be busy painting and moving his stuff :-).

And I would like to welcome my new followers:

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Thank yo for following my blog!

Wishing you all a very nice day.

maandag 4 februari 2013


My daughter had seen sandals like these at the fair in Apeldoorn. She did like them so much because she has them 1:1. They were a bit expensive, so I promised to make her a pair. Don´t enlarge the picture, because there are a lot of flaws :-(.
When they were ready and I showed them to her, she said: "so it´s not so hard to make them". Thanks Fionna! Kids are soooo nice to their mother....

I would like to say hello to:
Architecture of Tiny Distinction

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