dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Fragrance sachets

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Anna K.
Tumay Birinci
Megan Wallace
Iris March

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For my ´In ´t koperen bad´ bath shop I have made some fragrance sachets in a mill (I guess that´s what it is in English???). It will be standing on top of the counter in my shop. It was made out of cardboard, a toothpick with a bead on top and brass wire. It was a big challenge for me!
The sachets are prints (made them in Paint) filled with sand.

Wishing you all a very nice day!

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Thread spools

Welcome to my new followers:

Patrick Duclou
Linda Brocks

You are all very welcome and thank you for following!

Yesterday I have made some thread spools. What a tiny things to make :-(
They measure about 4 mm.

Hope you all have a very nice day!