donderdag 3 november 2011

Arnhem 29/10

Last saturday I went to the dollshousefair in Arnhem, together with my mother and my two daughters.
We have had a very nice day.
I have met Peiwen. What a lovely lady she is! It was very nice to meet you in person Peiwen.
This is what I bought from her (click on the pictures to see the incredible details!!!) :

 and she gave me this (Thank you Peiwen):

 I also met Carol and her husband Tomas. How nice to finally meet the people behind the beautiful paper kits! I have bought some cupcake wrappers and they are delightful.

Other purchases are:

a beautiful cakestand from Elena;

some 1:144 houses, 3 from and 1 from;

a mould from Ria Odijk;

food from Amanda Speakman;

a double sink from Jacomine;

and 4 kits from Sylvia.
I also bought some cheap stuff from Heidi Ott and a few little bits.
So you can say it was a succesful day. Now I have to find the time, energy and inspiration to do some mini-ing again.
I will be having a giveaway in the near (I hope) future to celebrate my 600+ followers. You are all very welcome. I will welcome you properly in the next post!