woensdag 24 november 2010

Gifts... and swap is on it´s way

Today the giveaway by Beatriz arrived. Thank you so much Beatriz. I love it!

And my mother has made these beautiful Irises for me (recently, in the past she has already made various things for me, she is very talented). They are made out of silk.
My mother has no dollshouse for herself and doesn´t want one either, so everything she makes goes to me. Lucky me :-) 

Before the summer she made me all these books and boxes. She loves bookbinding 1:1 and lucky for me she does it in 1:12 scale too. Some (Dutch) people might even recognize the W.G. van der Hulst books (for my thirties house).

My Christmas swap is on it´s way. So I hope to have some time for blogging again.                                     

8 opmerkingen:

  1. You really are lucky, beutiful flowers and fabulous books (like the rel ones)!

  2. Wat ben jij een bofferd met zo'n talentvolle Moeder, de boekjes en bloemen zijn prachtig!!

    Gefeliciteerd nog met de Giveaway van Beatriz, dat heeft ze erg leuk gemaakt!

    Groetjes, Karin.

  3. Lara, What a sweet Mother to make all of these wonderful things for you! The irises are beautiful and I LOVE the books! They look so good!!

  4. Wow...your mother is very talented and how nice that she makes them for you!!

  5. Wat heerlijk Lara dat je moeder zulke leuke spullen voor je kan maken. Prachtig de irissen en de boekjes zijn geweldig....

    groet Heleni

  6. If your mother had a blog, I would be one of his trusted follower :-)
    The iris and the books are fantastic!!!
    Mini hugs to both,

  7. your mother is a real talent! and you are a very lucky girl!
    I like the gift from Beatriz!!

  8. Wat lief van je moeder dat ze zulke prachtige dingen voor je maakt. Daar is vast heel veel tijd in gaan zitten.