dinsdag 12 oktober 2010


Thank you all for your lovely comments on my sofa and table (and of course for all the comments on other posts, I love every comment).
I had a few questions about the lavender.
Here is how I make it (it has been in a dutch dollshouse magazine years ago, don´t remember when):
You need Lycopodium (pictured below). I bought it from http://www.sillysisters.nl/pakketje-kerstboom-sil0013-p-1413.html . I don´t know if it is sold separately. The Silly Sisters sell it as a workshop package for a Christmas tree.

It is a very dark green, so I picked a piece of lavender out of my garden to try and mix a similar colour.

I used bayberry green and mixed it with a little grey and black until it was the right colour greyish green. Then I painted the Lycopodium with this mixed paint and it came out like this (below).

To make the flowers I used Flower Soft in the colour (of course) Lavender.

Dip a piece of iron wire (it might be painted in the same colour as the leaves) in glue and after that in the Flower Soft. Use your fingers to shape it a little.

Cut the leaves and put them in a pot (or basket like I did). I usually put selfhardening clay in the pot and cover it with glue. After that I put some tea or coffee (as soil) on the glue. Put the leaves in (before the clay hardens ;-) ) and put the flowers in between the leaves to make a nice lavender.

Hope you like making lavenders.

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  1. Super tutorial, Lara. And thank you for the link. The lavender looks very pretty.

  2. Yes of course, I like your Lavenders, they are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Muy buen trabajo¡¡¡ Enhorabuena .Haces unas minis maravillosas, el olor de la lavanda me llega hasta aquí.Besos

  4. Lara, your lavender is the most beautiful and realistic that I've seen so far! thanks for the tutorial, too bad I can not find the materials ... : ((
    thanks for your involvement in my Christmas swap!
    many kisses

  5. Wonderful really clear instructions, thanks Lara :)

  6. Thank you, I can't wait to try this! So cute!

  7. Lara, muchisimas gracias por el tutorial tan perfecto y claro.
    besitos ascension

  8. What a great tutorial. I learnt so many new things! Didn't know there is such a thing as flower soft :). Thank you so much Lara, for sharing!

  9. Lara, esas flores de lavanda son perfectas.
    Gracias por el tutorial.

  10. A great tutorial - thank you. Very clear instructions too.

  11. Hi Lara!
    I make lavenders excactly the same way! It looks so great in your basket.
    In Denmark is is called Erica moss (Erika lyng), it´s dryed in a special way keeping it soft, and you can buy it in shop selling materials for flower arrangements, christmas decorations and the like.
    Love, Susanne

  12. wow- that is so realistic!! Thank you for the tutorial :)

  13. Thanks for the tutorial, although it will be difficult for me to procure the necessary material ...
    But, as usual, I'll try to find alternatives :-)
    In Italy we have to arrange!

  14. Muchisimas gracias por el tutorial y el enlace.
    Te han quedado súper reales
    Tienes una manos maravillosas.
    Besitos, May

  15. Thanks for this tutorial!I have a lot of Lycopodium but I don't know where I could find
    Flower Soft.
    is there a web site when we could order?

  16. Thank you all for your kind comments :-)

    Sonya, search flower-soft.co.uk and your nearest stockist should be Nonsolo Bianco, Cattolica. But you can search for more countries and you might find a webshop.
    Hope this helps.
    Love, Lara

  17. Lara, I love the lavender! My houses are lacking plants, I shall have to make some of these! Gill x

  18. Gracias por el tutorial y por dejarnos disfrutar de esas plantas de Lavanda con ese color tan perfecto y bonito.
    Un abrazo

  19. Un resultado fantastico. Gracias por la explicación, tu lo has conseguido y parece fácil pero ¿y yo lo conseguire? :(
    Lo intentaré y te cuento.
    Besos Clara

  20. Lara ¡Muchas gracias!!! por ese tutorial tan hermoso( =
    Me gusto muchísimo!!

  21. What a wonderful idea for making lavender, thank you!!!

  22. The lavender is beautiful! Thank you for showing how to make this. When I got all the materials I will try it :-)

  23. Muchas gracias por el tutorial es muy claro, la cesta con lavanda ... lovely !!!
    Muchas gracias por seguir mi blogg, me gusta mucho devolver tu visita .Mariajo.

  24. Lara, that is how I made my 'dried' lavender for the garden swap, I just made it as I went along and it is nice to see that it is a technique used by other miniaturists. I used all the purple flock I had purchased at the Sydney Miniatures fair and haven't been able to find where to get some. Now I can look up Flower Soft, thank you for your instructions. I will try and make some 'fresh' lavender like yours next. It looks fabulous!

  25. Your lavender is lovely. I wish I'd seen it before I tried to make mine :(

  26. Wat een mooie mand met lavendel!
    Bedankt voor je tutorial en ook voor de link :)

  27. Geniales, ademas son perfectas, muy bien explicado eres muy generosa, un beso.

  28. Very instructive, thanks a lot for sharing!

  29. Hoi Lara,
    danke voor de lavender instructies. Ik will deze knusteln voor mijn baby shop.
    dikke knufel
    Sonja / Duitsland

  30. dit is een duidelijke uitleg
    dank je wel