woensdag 29 september 2010

Hallstand finished :-)

My inspiration came from this picture. I wanted to make it in miniature. It is not a copy of the picture, but it has the same style I think.
The hallstand is from euromini´s and is painted grey and afterwards it is aged.
All the accessories are made by myself except the umbrella (it´s from a chrysnbon kit).
Below is a picture of the finished hallstand.

Some pictures of the details:  

Hope you like it :-)

dinsdag 28 september 2010


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maandag 13 september 2010

Weekend results

Last weekend I have made a Mora clock. I love these clocks. Especially the older ones, with a nice antique patina. I have tried to recreate that patina, but it wasn´t easy. Problem is always that I like it when it is on my desk, but when I have taken pictures and look closer at the pictures there are always some imperfections :-(
I have also made some flowers and some kitchen items.

It will end up my french/scandinavian house (a lot of inspiration comes from magazines like Vakre Hjem and Jeanne d´Arc Living).

vrijdag 10 september 2010

Some small things

Here are a few pictures of some small things I made the past week.

I am working on a hallstand after a picture in a magazine. The hat was made for hanging on the hallstand, pictures of the hallstand will follow when it is finished.

The third and fourth picture are a candlestick and a cake stand which are made from ornaments by http://www.bindelsornaments.nl/joomla/ . You can make great things with these ornaments!
I painted the cake stand antique white (but when I make the picture bigger I can see I missed a few spots).

vrijdag 3 september 2010

Welcome to new followers and ... GIVEAWAY (finally)

A warm welcome to:

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Thank you all for following and enjoy!

I promised a giveaway and finally got it ready. So here it is:

First prize (stationery set)

Second prize (three cushions)

Third prize (autumn feeling, without table)

I really appreciate that you are following my blog. A BIG THANK YOU to all my followers!

The rules for participation are:
* you must be a follower
* you have to comment on this post (you have until the 18th of September 00:00 Dutch time)
I would appreciate it if you would post/link it on your blog, but it is not necessary to enter the giveaway.

I will draw three names on September the 18th.

Good luck to all of you!