woensdag 21 juli 2010


Today the mail brought me these magazines from Allison http://miniatureallsorts.blogspot.com/ . Now I have something to read in my vacation :-)          
And a package with things I purchased at  http://www.artofmini.com/ . Janny sells beautiful furniture and other things for dollshouses. The cupboard is a kit and the other things are a bench, a thermos flask, a thimble and a hat stand (antique).

I will be taking some kits with me on our vacation, so I hope to show some finished products afterwards!

maandag 19 juli 2010


This is the result of my weekend. I made some stationery. You can see (at least I hope :-) ) that it is Cath Kidston stationery. I think it is so colourful and it looks so cheerful! I had to do a lot of copy & paste in paint, but it looks allright now. I don´t think the envelopes are true to scale. I might have to do them again  :-(   The cup with pencils is a top of a gluebottle. I was throwing it away and suddenly thought it might be a nice cup! The pencils are just painted pieces of iron wire.

vrijdag 16 juli 2010

To be continued...

Yesterday I had seen a lot of furniture on Marktplaats.nl (second hand). Today it came in. There were more bits and pieces, but they found their way into the houses of my kids :-)
The bath is polished, it had several pieces glued onto it and when it was removed there were ugly spots. So I had to remove them! The kitchen is not my kind of colour and style, so it has to be done too (with some paint).
It will be grey with a black stone (like) top I think. And the doors need to be lined out properly, they don´t open and close very easy :-(
So to be continued...

White geranium and old stepladder

Wednesday I have painted this little stepladder (I am not getting much done, because the kids are around me all the time (summervacation) and they want to have some attention too :-) ). When I was finished I thought it might look nice with a plant on it (it seems to me everyone is making flowers at this moment (solar power???)) so I made a white geranium. I think it looks nice...

donderdag 15 juli 2010

Giveaway from Ingrid arrived

Today my won giveaway (from Ingrid http://mijndroomwereldje.blogspot.com/) arrived. It is so beautiful! I like it very much :-) Thanks again Ingrid.

donderdag 8 juli 2010

Window screen (old fashioned)

This window screen (was used to protect flowers from the sun) I made yesterday for my thirties house. It was made out of a scoubidou string which is strengthened by iron wire. After it was made in the right form it was painted with two coats of gesso. After that I painted it with dark woodstain. And finally I glued some fine fabric (net) onto the frame.
Of course I had to make a flower to be protected by the screen ;-)

woensdag 7 juli 2010

For my sister...

About 2 months ago I made this roombox for my sister. She has two cats and she said she would like it if I made a roombox about her cats. So I did ;-) The cats look a lot like her cats and she was happy with the result.

dinsdag 6 juli 2010


There are a lot of new followers again :-)

Yvanna Ferreira
Thank you Conchi for the premio you gave me :-)

and I am very happy with one of my new followers, my little big brother Jörgen. He lives far far away from me (I live in Holland and he lives in Tasmania). So a very special welcome to him :-)

On some profiles I couldn´t find a link, if you have one, please tell me.
Other profiles show more links, but I just mentioned one of them.
I hope you all enjoy following my blog. You are most welcome!