maandag 7 juni 2010


A warm welcome to a lot of new followers:

Sissi Sweet
Anna Tax at
La Cubo
Mirel Korhonen at
Contar at
Pittussia at
Vivian at
Nathalie Sanschichis at
Elis at
Marie at
Marillum at
Susi Bueno
Karin F. at
Linda at
Neomig at
Jeannette Bashore at
Asuka Sakumo at
Cecilia Colo at
Ana Rosa at
Peggy Aplseeds at
Kikka at
Liz at
Marisol at
Vane at
Wanda at
Katy at
Bastrota at
Cindy Teh at

Thanks for following my blog and I hope you will enjoy what you see :-)
At some profiles I couldn´t find a blog, if you have a blog please let me know. Other people have more than one blog, but you can find it on their profiles.

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