woensdag 23 juni 2010

Romantic little table

It took me a lot of time and patience to make this little table after a tutorial again by Nadine http://nadsa.over-blog.com/2-categorie-10207022.html .
It looked so lovely and easy to make..... :-(
It was a hard job to get the legs in a nice shape and all 4 of them a bit alike!
I admire Nadine a lot more now :-) (I already did after the basket, which was not easy either)
The second picture shows the little table in my shop. The shop still has to be filled with sweet coloured things.... one day.

16 opmerkingen:

  1. It looks really nice, I've done some wire stuff also and know that it's not easy :)

  2. The table is cute.
    I like also the wallpaper in your shop.


  3. Thank you for your compliments!

    Nina the wallpaper is a print from internet. It is a 1:1 wallpaper from one of the wallpaperbooks on http://www.wallpapermore.com/currentwallpaperbooks.aspx
    I don´t remember which book it was, but there is enough to choose from :-)

  4. Very beautiful little table.
    I have one similar in 1:1.
    Your is very realistic!

  5. Lara, you have made a great work with the table! It looks perfect!!! Hope to see the rest of your shop.
    Warm regards.

  6. Beautiful table and beautiful part of the shop:) Now, where is the rest of it?;)

  7. I think you've done a marvellous job! And I agree with the other commenters: your shop is looking gorgeous :)

  8. conozco el tutorial creo que usted consiguió el objetivo perfectamente, me gusta como le quedo.
    un abrazo

    I know the tutorial believe that you obtained the aim perfectly, it likes to me since I still have to him.
    An embrace

  9. Te ha quedado genial!!!!
    Tu tienda va a ser una maravilla, me encanta como te esta quedando
    besitos ascension

  10. Lara, you have succeeded in creating the table beautifully! I like very much also the context in which you entered ...
    Thanks for sharing. We will see what will come of it ...
    You are very good :-)
    Kisses, flora

  11. Well done with the table and it's lovely setting. I'll be watching out for more of your progress with this.

  12. Lara, the table is gorgeous...I've just made a similar one for my little cottage and it is jolly fiddly - especially the legs as you say. We don't have scoubidous here though (what are they???). You have done a fantastic job!!

  13. Thank you all for the lovely comments. It makes me more satisfied with the result :-)

    Carolyn, I qoute from wikipedia: scoubidou threads are supple, round and hollow plasticized PVC tubes usually about 80 centimetres in length. They are sold in various colours, sizes and types, and are used to make various items by binding them together with special knots. On account of their elasticity and hollow cross-section — which allow them to collapse and deform when pulled — they can easily form extremely tight and stable knots. Key chains, friendship bands and other trinkets are most commonly woven, although more complicated shapes and figures can also be created.

    Other names are (again according to wiki):
    Gimp, Scoubi, Scoobie, Boondoggle, or Lanyard

    If you can´t find any down under, I can send you some (if you email me your adress).

  14. I meant quote instead of qoute :-)

  15. me gussto as you have had left enorabuena