maandag 28 juni 2010


It seems I am only making minis after tutorials lately....
Not any inspiration of my own ;-)
I made this delphinium with the help of a tutorial by Nina ( ). She made some beautiful flowers and inspired me to try it myself.
The second picture shows the mini next to the real flower. I think my mini is a bit dark compared to the real one.
Maybe it needs some extra paint.....

woensdag 23 juni 2010

Romantic little table

It took me a lot of time and patience to make this little table after a tutorial again by Nadine .
It looked so lovely and easy to make..... :-(
It was a hard job to get the legs in a nice shape and all 4 of them a bit alike!
I admire Nadine a lot more now :-) (I already did after the basket, which was not easy either)
The second picture shows the little table in my shop. The shop still has to be filled with sweet coloured things.... one day.

maandag 21 juni 2010


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I hope you enjoy reading my blog.
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dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Beautiful bottles and more...

These bottles, books and other things came in yesterday. The books and everything in the second picture is for my thirties house. The beautiful bottles are for my french/scandinavian house.
All of these gorgeous things are made by Hanneke .
She makes the most beautiful bottles I have ever seen and her books are sooo nice.

maandag 14 juni 2010


About a week ago (when my girls were creative) I have made a little basket after a tutorial by Nadine .
The vegetables are not made by myself, they are made by Annet .
I think I have to practice a little bit more to make a perfect basket :-)

donderdag 10 juni 2010

Anthoula´s giveaway

The postman (woman in this case) brought me this all the way from Greece. It is fabulous, it looks even better in real life :-)
Anthoula thank you so very much!

maandag 7 juni 2010


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