dinsdag 2 maart 2010


A warm welcome to a lot of new followers:

Eva Terrassa at http://mini-escenas.blogspot.com/
Dales_dreams at http://dalesdreams.blogspot.com/
Becky at http://puntadasmil.blogspot.com/
Yvonne at http://englishstyle-yvonne.blogspot.com/
Rosanna at http://rosanna-theredhouse.blogspot.com/ and http://lastanzadigiuggiola.blogspot.com/
Nyork at http://mundominidecharo.blogspot.com/
Irene at http://applestearooms.blogspot.com/
Jessie at http://beyondbaffled.blogspot.com/
Susan at http://mes-petits-pieds-a-terre.blogspot.com/
Marit at http://blackcatcottage.blogspot.com/
Hannajaleijona at http://hannajaleijona.blogspot.com/
Maria José at http://marivigano.blogspot.com/
Coby at http://coby-mijnwereldje.blogspot.com/
Maria at http://diaryofaminiaturist.blogspot.com/
Teresa Martinez at http://tinyterminiatures.blogspot.com/
Jean at http://jdayminis.blogspot.com/
Reiko at http://minminiverden.blogspot.com/
Carol at http://weecutetreasures.blogspot.com/
Maite at http://miniaturista-minisypx.blogspot.com/
Monika at http://puppenstubennostalgie.blogspot.com/
Núria at http://mininuris.blogspot.com/
Cia at http://briarwoodminiatures.blogspot.com/
Ira at http://merryjingle.blogspot.com/
B.b.flockling * Rose at http://bbflockling.blogspot.com/
Cynthia at http://cynmini.blogspot.com/
Glenda at http://peppercornminis.blogspot.com/
and Victoria at http://vika-m.blogspot.com/.

You are all so very welcome. Thank you for following!
When I didn´t mention a blog I could not find it on the profile. But if you have a site please let me know so I can put a link in this post and we can visit your blogs.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Lara, Thank you for the warm welcome. I like your blog.

    I thought all a person had to do was click the little picture but my blog doesn't show up so here's the link: http://applestearooms.blogspot.com/ I see you're already a follower and I'm pleased to see you there.


  2. Hallo Lara, wat een lief en mooi stoeltje en dank je wel voor je welkom, mijn vlindertje is inderdaad mijn google account, ik heb ook geen idee hoe ik er een linkje bij kan plaatsen ;)

  3. Hi, Lara - thanks for the welcome! I just figured out how to correct the link problem so I managed to fix it for myself. Meanwhile here is my blog link: http://cynmini.blogspot.com/
    Love your blog! Have a great day!
    Cynthia (cjme63)

  4. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. It is a pleasure to visit you lovely blog.

  5. I have put in all the links, so we can all see those beautiful blogs!
    There are only two left without a link.

  6. Thanks for your warm welcome,i like what you made.
    You're also welcome at my side,thanks for following me.

  7. Thank you for the warm welcome, sorry, I'm a bit late!

    What did you use for the caning on that chair? I think I recognise it.

  8. Hi Dale, the caning was made by myself. I have seen an article in the American Miniaturist about Ferd and Millie Sobol (www.SobolEditions.com). They explained how to do the caning. It is time consuming but not very hard to do. The articles were in the sept., oct. and nov. issues of 2007.
    It is made on what we call printplaat, according to a translating machine in English it should be PCB. It is a sort of plastic sheet with a lot of holes in it. If you want a picture I can put it on my blog.