woensdag 24 februari 2010

Projects waiting to be finished

As you can see I have a lot of houses/shops waiting to be finished. I am not very good at finishing one project before starting a new one ;-)
The first picture is going to be a babyshop. The second picture is a victorian house that is almost finished except for some lights and curtains.
The third picture is a little shop with small home decorating things (like soap bottles, cushions etc.). The fourth picture is a big roombox, it has a kitchen, livingroom, toilet and hallway. There is still a lot of work to do.
The fifth picture is my thirties house. I am working on this house almost every day now. But it will take some time before it is finished (it´s a big house!).
The sixth picture is a house made by Bob Willans à la Lea Frisoni. I haven´t even started on this one (my son will be angry if I do ;-), he says I have to finish all the other projects first, maybe he is right).
And the last picture is a scrapbookshop. I have done some work already (a lot of paper to be made).
The only project that has been finished is my beachhouse. You can see pictures in another post (2/2/10).

I will try to keep you updated ;-)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you so much for following See you soon Rosanna

  2. Wow, you're not going to run out of something to do any time soon, are you, LOL - thanks for sharing your projects :)

  3. I understand you very well. It is the same at me. I have 4 projekts at the same time. And I am bored, when I even do the same the whole time. And it is good if you look with new eyes for a projekt. I think you will finish. Your projects are interesting, please show more.

  4. Even though It might be a while ? I look forward to the decoration of your 6th house :)

  5. Lara, I have an award for you on my blog, please call by and pick it up :)

  6. Lara how I understand you, sometimes we have to stop for a while and took only two projects until they are finished, it seems so easy....but it isn´t.

  7. Well...at least you have something to look forward to! Finishing all your projects! ;-))

    Could I ask you about the "a la Lea Frisoni" house? Is this available in a kit, or was it custom-made? How much did it cost, if you don't mind me asking...
    I have Lea's book and I think it is just gorgeous...So I want one too!